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Making lifelong changes to be the true, more confident and powerful YOU!



My name is Erika Spies, and I am a life coach near Austin, TX. I am married to an amazing man and

between the two of us we have five wonderful, annoying, smart, fun children.


When I was 18 years old, I married a boy my age. We had some big dreams in the beginning, but
everything quickly turned. He was a drug addict who later also became an alcoholic.

I was not allowed to work or do much of anything outside the home. I could take the kids to do some
things, but not a lot. I slowly lost most of my friends and even stopped regularly communicating with my

Over the course of about eight years, I gained a LOT of weight, reaching almost 270 pounds at my
heaviest. I was told over and over again that I was stupid. I was worthless. I would never amount to
anything. Everything that went wrong was always my fault whether I was around or not. I was even
told that I was lucky to have him because nobody else on this planet would love me. I became depressed
and hated life. I believed I would never amount to anything. I wanted to be more but had heard so
often that I did not deserve a better life that I actually believed it. I was torn, and my spirit was broken. 

I felt worthless.


Erika is the absolute best! She has helped me overcome so many mental blocks that I didn’t even realize I had. I wasn’t sure how the program would work for me, because I am looking to gain weight. Usual programs are all about losing weight, so when she told me that her program doesn’t have a specific diet to follow and that she was confident she would be a great fit for my needs, I was thrilled! The program not only helps you focus on what you are putting into your body, but also helps to unlock parts of your mind and body that you never would have thought of! Erika is so sweet and very respectful of your time. She is encouraging and never makes you feel like you’re failing or making poor choices, but still holds you accountable. I recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks, Erika!

Sarah W.

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