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Why you need a life/confidence coach:

​Are you in a situation where someone holds you back, or undervalues you? Maybe a spouse or partner

that tears you down? How often have you slaved over your house because you cannot have a life

outside of it, only to have them come home and tell you that it is a disaster and that you cannot even

keep a house clean? Even though there was not a speck of dust anywhere? Or have you spent hours

getting ready for a date night that you expected to be fun and hopefully put some spark in your

relationship only to have them tell you that you used to look a lot better in the outfit that used to be

their favorite? Or they openly stare at someone else who might be a little younger, thinner, or dressed

leaving nothing to the imagination. Did you feel hurt, betrayed, ugly, stupid, worthless, or unimportant?

Maybe you have kids that don’t respect you. When you tell them to do something do they yell at you

and call you stupid, or tell you they hate you, or that you are the worst mom in the world? Do you see

the sweet baby you used to hold and cry because you feel like you failed them? That they deserve a

better mom than you?

Are you the woman that has a demanding job and gets no recognition? You work long hard hours, but

do not get any recognition even though the younger sexier employee gets regular compliments on her

hard work (when she hardly does anything at all)? Does that leave you feeling unappreciated and

burned out? Do you wonder why you still do what you do?

Have you always dreamed of going to college and being the first person in your family to get a degree?

What’s holding you back? Were you raised to believe that you are not smart enough for a college

education? Do your friend and family laugh at you when you mention signing up for a class, thinking

you are joking?

Or do you come from a well-educated family and have always struggled with learning? But you do want

to get a college degree? Are you worried that you might not pass your classes? Or just that you might

not make the dean’s list because that is what is expected of everyone in your family? Have you been

the laughing stock of your family because you do not have a degree and working in a job that you do not

want to be in?

Everyone has a story of someone or something that has caused them to lose confidence in themselves.

What is your story? Why have you felt like you do not deserve a better life?

I want to help, and I can help, you become more confident, more powerful, and more successful.

Have you tried self-help books, listening to podcasts, or are subscribed to a few YouTube channels that

claim to help you be more confident? They make you feel great, and energized, and ready to make a

change. You are ready to go, until it ends. Then you go back to questioning whether or not you are

actually capable of making the change.

Have you tried therapy? I was actually working on my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy

and had to stop. It was nothing like what I expected it to be. It was 100% politicalized and really did not

focus much on helping people with their future. The classes taught me that the main question to ask is

“and how did that make you feel?” While that is a great question, and one that you will hear me ask

some, it is not the only question I will ask. The other thing is that therapy is so focused on what

happened in the past it is hard to see how it will make changes in your future.


Yes, we all (or at least most of us) have some horrible things in our past. If you are at all like me, you do

not want to spend an hour each week to rehash old hurts. You go into the session feeling bad and leave

feeling bad because all you do is talk about the negative.

Working with me you will get to focus on the good. We will set goals that can be easily reached each

week. We will look at your future and focus on the positives in your life, even if you are still at the point

where you do not believe there are any. You will have access to me 7 days a week via text or email. You

will be held accountable for everything. You will gain confidence in yourself as you see the changes

being made in your life and you get one step closer to getting the life you deserve. You will have

support from me and others in similar situations in a private Facebook group. You will receive one on

one coaching as well as some group coaching calls and live Q&A sessions.


You will be set up for success. You will be confident. You will be powerful. You will get what you

deserve in life.

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